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Why is My GE Top Load Washer Not Draining?

Why is My GE Top Load Washer Not Draining?
electric resistance

The GE washing machine uses an electric pump. Unlike the older machines pumps that used to be driven by a belt, Then newer washers pumps are driven with an electric motor.

The first thing you need to do is to disconnect the washer from the wall outlet

Next you need to remove the front panel from the washer. To do that you will need to be use a spatula. You need to place the spatula between the front and top panels to compress the two front panel holding clips.

After removing the front panel you need to connect the washer to the wall outlet.

Set the timer on the spin cycle and pull the knob to turn the washer on. Listen to see if you could hear the motor on the pump turning or humming. If the motor hums, that is an indication that something is preventing the pump motor from starting.

Disconnect the washer from the wall outlet, empty the water from the machine (make sure you have plenty of towels to clean any water spills) this connect the hoses from the pump and check the pump for any obstructions.

If the motor on the pump is not running at all, then you’ll have to check the pump motor for continuity. If the pump motor checks OK for continuity then you need to check the two wires that connect to the pump to make sure that the timer is sending 120 volts to the pump.

In conclusion, is not that hard to find out why your GE top load washer is not draining. You either have an obstruction, a bad pump or a bad timer.

To check the motor in the electric pump you will need to get the multitester. You won’t have to spend a lot of money, just buy a cheap $10.00 analog multitester. Make sure you read the instructions on how to use you multitester to read resistance and voltage.

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