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Solar Outdoor Post Lights


In your front or even your backyard you want to make sure that there is enough light so that you, your friends, and your children are able to see what they are doing after night has fallen. There are many various types of light fixtures that you are able to use and each are different in the way that they look and function. One that we love the most are the solar outdoor post lights.

These look like an old fashioned lantern post light. They are tall and designed with either on or multiple light fixtures attached to a single pole. These are great at lighting up your yard and decorating it at the same time. The majority of these are designed with a planter shaped base at the bottom to prevent you from having to dig a hole in your yard and to keep it firmly in place.

Throughout the day the solar lanterns will soak in the energy from the sun and store it in the batteries that they come with. When dusk begins to fall the sensor will alert the lanterns and they will automatically turn themselves on. Surrounding the LED lights is beveled glass – which is durable and weatherproof.

There is a slight assembly that you will need to do – but this takes only a few minutes. If these outdoor solar post lights are too large for your yard then why not consider the type that will fit easily on top of your fence or your patio railing. These are built with just the lantern head and no pole or base.

It is built using cast aluminum and beveled glass that surrounds the LED lights. Each one if designed to be weatherproof and will not rust. You will have the option to purchase something that has a classic design or one that is more modern. They each will cost between $30 to $400.

There are also other types of LED based lighting options you can choose to enhance the outdoor safety around your home. From in ground lights to battery operated lights to motion sensing lights to all kinds of other solar lighting options. Even at Christmas time or for other outdoor party occasios, you can opt for decorative lighting with mini LED light strings in different colors. With LED based lights, you have so many options that will make your home’s exterior much more pleasant and safe.


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