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The Sedona Method Review and Origin

The Sedona Method Review and Origin
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Lester Levenson was a physicist and a successful businessman, who got seriously ill in 1952, at the age of 42. Rather than surrender, he turned to himself and found a solution not only for his own situation, but he managed to formulate the so-called Sedona Method, which has helped many people.

When the doctors explained how serious his situation is and how every step he makes could be lethal, he was overwhelmed by an intense fear of death. That fear lasted for several days and was so intense that the thought of suicide. Then he suddenly realized: “I’m still alive. As long as I live, there is hope. As long as I live, maybe I could draw from this. What should I do? “

He realized that all the knowledge he possessed was useless because it led him to a difficult situation. He had to start from scratch. His search for answers began with the questions “Who am I? What is this world? What is my relationship with the world? What do I want? “The answer was:” Happiness. ” “And what is happiness?” “Being loved.”

He felt that happiness is closely linked with love so he began to consider all his past relationships by recalling moments of happiness. He realized that he was happiest when he alone loved a woman. When the women loved him, he was happy only at moments when he felt their approval, which was only the moment of ego satisfaction. Finally he concluded that happiness is equal to his love. If he could increase the love he felt, he could increase both his happiness! This was the first time he realized the key to happiness. He continued to dissect the events of the past and each time he encountered a moment in which he did not love, he changed his feeling to love for that person.

Then he gazed into his mind. “What is mind? What is intelligence? “At that moment before his eyes came the image of electric cars from the amusement park that collide one with another. They all receive energy from the electricity grid above them through a wire that comes down to each car. It was a symbolic representation of the universal intelligence and space power which goes through a wire down to every man and that we use depending on how strong we push the accelerator. He found that he could take more of that all embracing intelligence, if he chooses so.

So he started to explore his thinking and his relationship to things that happened. He discovered that every event is preceded by thought and realized that with the conscious choice of thought he could determine what will happen to him in the future. He also saw his own responsibility for what happened to him, contrary to before when he thought he is a victim. This knowledge brought him a huge sense of freedom.

Although he was with one foot in the grave when he began his quest, the moment he realized his thinking is the cause of everything that had happened, he saw his body from the chin to below as perfect. And suddenly it was perfect!

The discovery that he is able to control his destiny brought him great freedom, and lightened his internal load in such degree that he felt that he don’t have to do anything now. He felt a deep inner joy that he didn’t even know existed.

He continued to further explore how to extend this sense of joy. He went on to change his attitudes about love. He would imagine the girl who he liked best to be married to the most obnoxious man and would not stop until he could really feel the happiness for the both of them. He called that “extreme loving.” After that he tested himself in such way that he would consciously feel the greatest love for people who have offered him a large resistance and attacked him when he tried to help them.

He could not find the words to describe the bliss of the self-understanding he achieved and used the words of Paramahansa Yogananda’s: “new joy which springs every second”. This new joy later turned into a very deep peace that is even more comfortable than joy.

Lester Levenoson’s personal discoveries were eventually formalized into a self help course called the Sedona Method. Although there were some controversies about the efficiency of this program there are a lot of positive user reviews from the practitioners of this method.

The price of the complete Sedona method course is pretty high, which is probably the biggest issue that most of the people have with this program. However, the Sedona Method book is available in most online bookstores for very low price and it provides a very good overview of the philosophy behind this method.

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