Solar Home Energy: What is it for? 1


Solar Home Energy: What is it for?

Solar energy—this term basically does not cause a stirring in the mind as the explanation that comes at hand is indeed too simple.

Everyone knows what is meant by solar energy, and that is,

the energy that comes from the sun. In its most basic sense,

solar energy and other solar home equipment are nonetheless environment-friendly and not risky at all.

But then you need not become one fine environmentalist first before you will be able to come across with

whatever advantageous benefit solar home energy has.

Why is the solar home energy said to be environment-friendly?

What are its general benefits?

Practically speaking, when solar home energy is used,

the electrical bills tremendously go down as compared to the other type of home energy available for all people.

Why would you pay for such expensive bills when all you need to do is to employ solar home energy?

Another major advantage of the solar home energy is the absence of the very complicated and dangerous wiring.

Solar energy lights in the garden path or any other solar energy-powered items used in your home are ready

to be installed less the wiring to be dealt with.

In reality, these solar light bulbs are equipped with darkness sensors so they need not be turned

on to give off light and they need not be turned off as well when they are no longer needed.

As a sort of simple explanation, the solar light bulbs will simply have to be purchased, taken out of the boxes,

installed, and then presto!

You just have to situate them where you want them to be and never worry about them ever again.

80f57f57748867964d30fe2a13827a34A List of the Benefits of Solar home Energy

Why is the solar home energy equally beneficial? Why is it more recommended for use?

Here are some of its benefits which are truly worth the attention to be graced by anyone:

Solar home energy is environmentally friendly.

As mentioned a while ago, solar home energy will not harm the environmental features.

It is specifically clean and renewable as well. More so,

it does not cause pollution just like what the rest of the traditional electrical forms do.

Solar home energy systems need the least maintenance.

They are not fuel-powered so no need to buy the refills.

Solar home energy makes you save a lot of money.

The energy that is derived from the sun can be accessed for free as you make use of solar lights,

solar panels, and the likes. The federal government most of the time gives out financial incentives.

You don’t get affected by the rise of the fuel rates since you are using solar home energy.

Making use of the solar home energy makes you entirely independent from the foreign and centralized energy sources.

Power outages will not likely affect you in any manner.

Most of the solar energy items are very easy to install thus lessening the complicated work of the wiring systems.

Some Common Disadvantages of the Solar Home Energy

Of course the disadvantages will not be taken aside.

Here are some of the most common disadvantages of the solar home energy:

The employment of a solar home energy can be expensive at first. But as time passes by,

it becomes light to the pocket.

The strength of the solar home energy will relatively depend on the location of your home in relation with its facing to the sun.

Also, the area of your home is another point to consider.

You will need large areas to install the solar panels.

Solar Home Energy: What is it for?

The Various Solar Energy Items

There are lots of solar energy devices that you may opt to buy.

Included are the solar flashlights, solar heaters, car ventilators,

solar video cameras, solar radios, solar pool purifier,

solar mosquito inhibitor, solar lighting, and solar fountain pumps.

What You Must Do

Back in the earlier years,

solar energy powered devices were very costly that very few homeowners made use of the solar home energy.

But these days, small volumes of solar energy devices are put up for sale therefore making it affordable for all.

If you don’t have enough money to fund these items you can always start small.

Making Your Mobile Home Energy Efficient

If you were living on a mobile home temporarily or permanently,

you surely would want to cut down your electric consumption just like others who would like to cut down theirs.

Here are several ways in making your mobile home energy efficient:

· Improving the roof paintjob

In the hot and humid months of June, July, August, and September, mobile homes tend to heat up.

This is because mobile homes are not built with much ventilation. On regular homes,

large attics the separate the outside from the inside keep houses cool.

Vents on these attics further contribute to reduction of heat penetration to the house.

The space separating the roof of a mobile home and the ceiling is not enough to keep the inside cool.

As a result, air conditioning system works harder during hot summer days. Thus, consuming more energy.

To lessen the heat penetration to the home, cool roof coating can be done.

Do this when it is not raining since cool roof coating is water-based.

Repainting the roof of your mobile home to deflect the heat that can potentially penetrate to the inside.

· Providing better roof insulation

Many people, even a mobile home contractor would suggest that you couldn’t

do anything to improve the insulation of your mobile home.

To tell you honestly, they are totally wrong.

You can access the roof cavity from the edge of the roof that is connected with the wall or from the directly through the rooftop.

Doing so will save you as much as 15% of your total cooling system consumption.

You can do this on your own or find someone who knows how to do this.

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· Maintaining a good air conditioning

Air conditioning occupies the biggest chunk of your electric bill.

This is why you need to make sure that you get the most out of it.

To so this, check your air conditioning system regularly.

You can start with the air duct. Make sure that the air duct is sealed.

Any small leak would let the outside air to enter, thus making the air conditioning to work harder.

Your mobile home’s air duct is usually located underneath.

You may want to skirt your mobile home to the ground

of few inches from the ground to protect the duct during winter and summer.

Skirting would also provide additional protection from your pets to destroy the duct.

· Air sealing your mobile home

The best way to keep the air outside from entering is to seal every spaces of your mobile home.

Windows, doors, and other openings can be sealed by weather stripping,

a rubber sealant that keeps that interior airtight.

Doing this will let the air from coming out of the mobile home.

· The mobile home location

Sitting your mobile home under the shade would let you save from air conditioning.

Since shades draw away heat even before it reaches the roof of your mobile home,

your air conditioning will not be forced to cool the interior.

· Ensuring the water heater

The water heater takes 14% of your total energy consumption.

This is the second largest energy consumer next to the air conditioning system.

If your water heater is located outside the compartment,

it surely takes additional energy load since the heat is lost because of the outside air.

You cannot cover it of course for safety purposes. Instead, you can use insulation jacket.

This will keep the heat inside the tank.

The thermostat dictates the energy consumption of the water heater.

If you have less water demand, 120 degrees Fahrenheit is sufficient enough.

For larger water consumption, 140 degrees Fahrenheit is usually required.

· Windows

Proper selection of shutters, shades, and drapes is important to keep the heat inside or away from the mobile home.

But, you have to use them properly.

Close them during the night to keep the cool air from the outside away and open it during the day if you are not using air conditioning.

Use thick shutters, shades, or drapes during winder to keep to cool air from coming in.

Consider all these to make sure you maximize the use of power in your home.

In turn, you will save money on electric bills.

Searching for Octagonal Home Energy Efficient Kits on the Internet,

the Right Way

Okay, so you decided that you want a house.

However, you do not want it to be just any house,

you want a house that won’t cost you much to maintain.

So you decide to look for energy efficient octagonal home kits. But,

wait a minute… something’s wrong.

Whenever you try typing the phrase energy efficient octagonal home kits on the internet,

no results come up.

Well, here’s what’s wrong: the error has nothing to do with the web directory you are using.

In fact, you may find that the reason why you cannot seem to find information about energy

efficient octagonal home kits is something simple.

Here’s the deal: you need to correct your spelling.

There is no such word as “efficient”. In fact, the word is actually spelled “efficient”.

This simple change of spelling can give you a lot of results on your search.

How do you prevent this from happening again? Well, you might want to expand your vocabulary.

None of us are born with the knowledge on how to spell properly.


you could try to learn how words are spelled correctly.

How do you expand your vocabulary, you ask?

Well, here are some tips you can use:

updwell homes energy efficiency 11. Read – This is the best way to learn how to spell words and expand your vocabulary.

Some people actually find it boring to open up a book.

People nowadays just want to pick up the remote and turn on the TV.

Well, here’s some information for you:

you won’t learn how to spell correctly by watching television unless, of course, you are into watching Sesame Street.

Of course, no one is suggesting that you pick up the dictionary and start memorizing the spelling of each word.

What you need to do is pick up something interesting to read.

For the beginner, I wouldn’t suggest going into the complex plotlines of Robert Ludlum yet.

In order to get you started in the wonderful world of reading, you might want to pick out a book that movies are based on.

These books are often what get people started down the road of wordiness.

In time, you will find yourself reaching for books with more and more complex plotlines and words.

Because of these you will expand your word power.

2. Write – Communications nowadays are of such a high technology that we often ignore the power of the written word.

We all want to talk on the phone instead of writing a letter.

However, how else would you learn to spell correctly, if not through writing?

People may find it a bit boring. In fact, writing nowadays is mostly done through emails and text messaging.

Text messaging has also done its share of damage to people’s spelling abilities.

Nowadays, people make frequent use of “shortcuts” in their messages.

This leads to the deterioration of spelling skills all over the world.

In order to train yourself to spell properly, you’ll need to be able to take criticism for your mistakes.

You need to want to improve your spelling skills.

These tips should take you far into improving your word skills.

You next have to learn how to apply those skills to your search.

If course, when you learn about the proper spelling of words,

you won’t make the mistake of looking for energy efficient octagonal home kits. However,

there are still more mistakes that can be made on the internet.

When you search on the internet for energy efficient octagonal home kits,

you might want to prepare some standard protection like anti-virus software, anti-spyware,

popup blockers and other tools that might make your search easier and more convenient.

Another thing you should consider doing is to examine each link before you click it.

There are a lot of useless junks out in the internet and you do not want to encounter them.

In order to be able to avoid “traps” set for the unsuspecting surfer,

you need to be able to discern which websites do contain information you need and which ones are full of nonsense.

By now, though, your new love for reading will have given

you different inferences as to what signs to look for in examining information.

And that, my friend, will help you a lot in your quest.

images 2How to Lower Home Energy Bills

We are blessed with the discovery and proper utilization of energy around us.

There are several sources of energy that makes our living easier.

Energy lights up our home every night, keeps us warm during cold winter,

allows us to be entertained, and makes our living pleasant no matter what time of the day.

And with all the other uses of energy from the moment we check our clocks in the morning to keeping

us warn as we rest during the night, all of us would agree that it would be so hard to llive without it.

We can say that we have sufficient energy supply for a lifetime but that does not mean that we are not going to conserve it.

After all, technology has its price.

And that price is something we have to pay with cash.

And if coping with electric bill is your problem every time you see your bills,

here are the ways on how to lower them:

· Provide good roof coating

A good roof coating deflects heat.

And so, insuring that the roof receives a good coating would mean insuring you that your

house would maintain good temperature on the inside.

· Keep your attic well ventilated.

Your attic is one of the more important parts of your house when it comes to the cooling system.

The attic is your first and probably the most effective part of your house the keeps the whole house cool.

But, in order for your attic to do its main purpose,

make sure that it is well insulated.

Provide vents where the heat can come out during summer.

Your attic door must also be sealed to ensure that the air from our house does not go through it and vice versa.

The attic door can be sealed with weather strippers.

· Securing all the leaks.

Leaks contribute to high cost of home energy.


It is because air from your house can easily come out from these leaks.

And the air from the outside can easily enter the house.

Both increase the workload of your heating and cooling system.

You have to remember that air moves according to air pressure and temperature.

Since the temperature of inside your house is most of the time different from the temperature outside,

air moves freely from these leaks.

Making sure that the leaks are sealed would mean less work on your heating and cooling system and lower electric bills.

Leaks would come from fireplaces, ducts, doors, ceilings, floors, walls, windows,

plumbing penetrations, electrical outlets, fans, and vents.

· Reducing the thermostat

One degree centigrade is equivalent to 5% electric bill savings. Therefore,

keeping your thermostat low will save you a lot of money.

A total saving would also come from switching your thermostat further low when you are not home or if you are sleeping.

The ideal temperature during winter is not higher than 68 degrees Fahrenheit.

· Limiting the use of water heater

The second largest electric consumer next to your heating and cooling system is your water heater.

When you wash you clothes, you don’t need to heat the water up.

Just use the water from the faucet.

This will save you by as much as 90% in washing machine energy consumption.

· Use energy efficient material around your home.

There are commercially available materials that would significantly contribute to the reduction of the cost of home energy.

One of these is energy efficient windows that deflect the outside temperature

(whether during winter or summer) from entering your home.

green homes grant

· Use your appliance efficiently

It is pretty basic for all of us to turn off televisions, air conditioning,

stereos and other electronic gadgets when not using them. However,

most still disregard this. The reality is;

we can save a lot if we only learn how to turn them off if not in use.

Also, small things such as iPod chargers, cellphone chargers, digital clocks,

lights and other things that seem to consume small electric current that remain plugged day

in and day out contribute to your electric bill. Making sure you unplug them would certainly

lower down your monthly electric consumption.

You have the details. All you have to do is to make sure you follow them all.

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