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Importance of Electric Insulated Mats

Importance of Electric Insulated Mats
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Insulation mat is a major industrial material that highly contributes to the safety and security of various small as well as large scale business sector. It is basically used for different electrical purposes and hence it has a broad application in several power plants, high voltage panels, substations, HT and LT labs and power transmission rooms. Apart from these, in all other related commercial establishments where workers are required to perform close to ear control panels and bus bar many types of insulation materials are used in order to ensure protection and safety for workmen.

Design and Applications

Electric insulated mats are manufactured with a perfect mix of synthetic polymers. An anti static ground mat or floor mat is made of various kinds of anti static devices especially designed to help in eliminating static electricity. Insulation mats are usually made effective by plugging into the earthed line in an electrical outlet. It is really crucial to discharge at slower rate, hence a resistor is to be used in grounding the mat. Hence, proper safety of the workers is rendered by these insulating mats.

Industrial employees and professionals who need to work in such environment that involves constant threat of electric shock and life risk should utilize the facilities electric insulated mats. You can use insulating materials in terms of floor covering under control panels and it assures safety of workmen with better and more secured infrastructure. Thus the possibility of hazards caused by any form of leakage of current is decreased.

Electrical safety is of primary concern for the professionals and employees associated with the entire electrical industry irrespective of large, medium or small. The necessity that is related to electrical installation systems with regard to operational safety and reliability are perpetually increasing. Since the applications are becoming rather complex day by day, the electrical protection of the machine and personnel must be secured in all situations.


Electric insulated mats have become one of the most vital industrial resources owing to some of their very special and unique mechanical as well as physical attributes. High voltage insulating mat is much recommended for its excellent aging properties, high insulation and low to very low temperature resistance. Moreover, such mats are alkali, transformer oil and acid proof as well as flame redundant in nature. Cost inefficiencies, high tensile strength and the very elongation properties of this type of insulators increase their uses in specific industrial sectors.

Market Availability

The entire manufacturing process is accomplished by the inclusion of a conductive material integrated within the mat which collects the static energy. The insulation mat needs to be grounded properly. Electric insulated mats are offered by various reputed brands. These mats are of premium quality and users can find their all inclusive applications in power plants, substations etc. Present day market availability includes extensive range of insulating materials in various specifications and designs. These environment friendly mats are mostly preferred or much appreciated for some of the special properties including cost effectiveness, flexibility, vibrant colors, durability and easy washable feature.

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