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Carp Fishing Tackle Review: The Daiwa Windcast S-5000 Reel

Carp Fishing Tackle Review: The Daiwa Windcast S-5000 Reel
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When you’re fishing for carp, you need your gear to be tough and reliable. For me, though, there’s a third criterion: price. There has to be a positive relationship between the cost of a reel and the way it performs. To be honest, I do enjoy stalking bargains almost as much as stalking the noble carp. Although I usually don’t opt for the lowest price, I shop carefully for carp fishing tackle that offers mid-priced bargains. Once reel I’ve recently discovered fits the bill quite nicely: the Daiwa Windcast S-5000.

Carp Fishing Tackle: Key Features of the Daiwa Windcast S-5000 Reel

Priced at about £99.99 on special offer, the Daiwa Windcast S-5000 reel is a great piece of carp fishing tackle. The reel has been redesigned, and has a higher level of performance, along with a new shape and updated look. If you’re looking for a reel that offers an ideal combination of speed and distance in casting, the S-5000 merits a serious look. Adaptable to many different fishing styles, this reel will quickly become a major ally in your hunt for the elusive carp. One feature I quickly noticed is that the spool is precisely tapered to release and deliver line at top speed.

Carp Fishing Tackle: More About the Daiwa Windcast S-5000 Reel

Still on the topic of line, I wanted to mention that the S-5000 has a HIP high impact line clip. There’s also a built-in cushion on the pin that gives the angler plenty of pinpoint casting accuracy. Anglers familiar with Daiwa reels will be glad to know that they’ve included all features we’ve come to expect from quality Daiwa reels, including AirBail, Twist Buster, DIGIGEAR, and Castlock. I particularly appreciate the AirBail feature, because it has a hollow tubular stainless steel bail that’s incredibly resistance to deformation. Digigear is Daiwa’s proprietary design process that ensures the perfect combination of the drive gear with the pinion gear. The drive gear is made from a surface treated, super-tough alloy, and the pinion gear is made from marine bronze. This gearing system makes the S-5000 an incredibly durable and powerful reel with plenty of speed. As fishing tackle goes, this is one reel I reach for often.

Carp Fishing Tackle: Final Thoughts on the Windcast S-5000

The S-5000 is a consistent best seller in Daiwa’s product range, and in fact broke sales records when it was launched. Daiwa’s marketing manager puts it thus: “The Windcast reel range has very quickly become our fastest selling big pit series ever. We had a brilliant reaction at trade shows from both dealers and press who have really taken to the range, so much so that we have had to increase our assembly of them.” This is one of my favourite pieces of carp fishing gear because it performs consistently. No surprises from this solidly built reel!

When shopping for top-quality carp fishing tackle, do be sure to consider the feature-packed Daiwa Windcast S-5000 reel.

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