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Year 2010: Nigeria and Jubilee


Often times I have asked myself this question whether my country Nigeria would be able to sign up if there was a programme that would guarantee a trouble-free life. Seeing that Nigeria has suffered so much from many things like religion, ethnicity, economic failure due to mismanagement, leadership problem, etc, a trouble-free scheme would actually be a lifeline. It is really bad news that there is not even a “get-out-of-trouble-quickly” scheme, let alone a guarantee to a “trouble-free” lifetime.

As important and necessary a trouble-free situation is, it takes time and determination to come by. One of the ways to have it is to position oneself to receive what one had expected, especially in living a free life. This is a position Nigerians adopted over the years believing and hoping in God for deliverance. That deliverance is actually here. The year 2010 did not only usher Nigeria into the golden age of 50 years, but saw her through many changes that is worth celebrating. Surely, the age of 50 is a good enough time to get free from the mistakes of the past. Though noted for so many backward strokes that emanated from the wrong sides of the country, Nigeria God truly ushered Nigeria into her Year of Jubilee!

Since the creation of Nigeria, it is in the mind of God that one day the country will breathe the air of freedom from oppression, ignorance, economic woes, partisan politics, religious and ethnic crises, etc. The year 2010 is that miracle year that brought Nigeria into the next level in her political life. It is never news that Nigerians have been subjected into artificial oil and gas scarcity that has crippled several activities that people are engaged in. What is news is that marketers of these communities are begging customer with reduction in pump prices. To say that there is fuel in every filling station in the country today is an understatement. The Railway lines are back in almost every location giving hope to transportation of people without much ado. Also, electricity generation which has remained a conduit pipe for successive governments to siphon money or steal from the people is fast getting serous attention.

Apart from the above, God averted for Nigeria what could have become the worst political embarrassment since time by preventing and suppressing the unpopular divide and rule programme satan designed against Nigerians. When the leadership of the country went into coma in the first quarter of the year 2010 due the sickness and eventual death of her former president, nobody expected the peace and unity Nigerians are enjoying today. This is to say that God has actually done Nigeria good in the year 2010 for which she is grateful. With the clear and resounding manner with which the Word of the Almighty God sounded: “You have dwelt long enough in this mount…” (Deuteronomy 1:6), Nigerians found a good enough reason to seek divine intervention politically, and God heard their cries. Nigerians heard the Almighty God sounding the same warning over and over as He tells them to beware of the danger in continuing to dwell in the mountain of poverty, visionlessness, religious and ethnic crises, leadership by proxy, etc, and move to the next level where life is real.

God did not only sound the warning, but He actually created a pathway that will usher Nigeria into the Promised Land. As we are seeing today, the year 2010 brought hope and fulfillment: it is the year of our jubilee! The Holy Bible calls it “the acceptable year of the Lord”. It is the year in which Nigerians are made to see beyond the clutters of imbecility to behold and mount the platform of greatness prepared for them from the very beginning. Jubilee is a time when people are set free from debt, jail and slavery. The world is so organized by God that in every fiftieth year, people’s burdens and yokes would be destroyed (Leviticus 25:1-13). As Christians, Jesus is our jubilee because He is anointed with burden-removing, yoke-destroying power of God (Isaiah 10:27; 61:1-2; Luke 4:17-19). The same anointing that was on Jesus came to rest on anyone who declares Him to be his/her Lord and personal Saviour. This is why Christians do not have to wait for 50 years in order to experience jubilee. That same anointing that came over 2000 years ago is what removes our troubles the moment we become Christians.

This is the platform Nigeria has mounted for good! Without the attainment of this exalted position, people, even nations keep fumbling and wobbling until they get there. Thank God Nigeria is here now, and by the special grace of God Nigeria will continuously maintain her freedom if and only if she could meet up with the following requirements:

1. Giving Sacrificially – Nigeria will truly and continuously experience jubilee if the attitude of conservative giving will change or stop completely (2 Corinthians 9:7). Citizens of this country should be made to feel the impact of good governance, receiving and enjoying what truly belongs to them from the government. They should not receive from the government and later forced to pay through their nose in other ways.

2. Increased Prayer Time – Nigeria, and indeed Nigerians should take time to earnestly pray, more than is usually seen, or dramatized in many places. It is no prayer to pray when it is convenient or when one enters into trouble. We should pray without ceasing. Time must be set aside every day for prayers since it is a good way to develop a strong relationship with God.

3. Increased Daily Confession of the Word – When we spend quality time to confess the word of God daily, deliverance from life’s negative situations is guaranteed.

Finally, Nigeria should bear in mind that jubilee is not something that is coming; it is here already. So, it is time for you as a Nigerian to adjust your mind and expect 100 percent liberation from everything that has ever bound you. It is indeed, your year of jubilee!


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