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Seven Great Dallas Cowboy Quarterback Facts That You May Not Know


When it comes to high profile jobs in the NFL, there are few more impressive than the quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys. Over the years, some great players have played for the team at that position. Many have led the team deep into the playoffs, even as far as a Super Bowl victory, many others though are not nearly as famous. Here is a look at seven interesting facts about the quarterbacks of America’s Team.

– Eddie LeBaron and Danny White are tied for the most interceptions thrown in one season by a Dallas Cowboys quarterback. In 1960, the team’s first season in the league, LeBaron threw 25 interceptions. White tied that mark in 1980, his first year as the full time starter after Roger Staubach retired.

– Danny White had fourteen 300 yard passing games as the quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys.

– The first touchdown pass the legendary Roger Staubach ever threw in the NFL went to wide receiver Lance Rentzel in a 24-3 win over the St. Louis Cardinals in 1969.

– In the third quarter of a 1966 win over the Washington Redskins, Don Meredith threw a 95 yard touchdown pass to Bob Hayes. This is still the longest touchdown pass thrown by a quarterback playing for Dallas.

– The Cowboys record for most times getting sacked in one year is 49. The quarterback holding this record is Drew Bledsoe, and it occurred in 2005.

– Amazingly, Roger Staubach only had six 300 yard passing games during his career. The most came in 1979, his last season in the NFL.

– Three Dallas Cowboys quarterbacks have thrown for more than 150 touchdowns while with the team. Roger Staubach had 153 from 1969 to 1979, Danny White had 155 from 1976 to 1988, and Troy Aikman had 165 from 1989 to 2000.


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