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How to Make Portable Welding Curtains


If you don’t care about being safe and the safety of others around you while you weld, then you are an inconsiderate Putz and you don’t want to read what I have to say here.

But if you are interested in protecting the eyesight of others with a one-time small investment of time and money, then read on.

I am talking about making portable welding curtains out of conduit, square tubing, angle iron, or even PVC pipe. A portable welding screen that will block UV light but still let the welder to see possible dangers like a forklift going by or an overhead crane getting too close.

Most welders make the frames for their portable welding screen from metal because..I mean..hello! they are welders.

The first thing to do is determine the size of the actual welding curtain. Then measure and cut the metal to make a rectangle that is slightly bigger than the welding curtain without the frame.

Then cut 2 pieces for the outrigger legs that support the stand for the welding screen. Square up the rectangle and weld. The attach the bottom outrigger legs. I have seen some portable welding screens that have 4 large ball bearings welded on to let them slide easily in the floor. I have also seen very small casters attached to allow for easy movement. But none of this is necessary. The portable welding blind will be very light and easy to move around.

Once you are done welding, get some zip ties and fasten the welding curtain to the frame.

You are done. In less than one hour you can easily complete a portable welding screen from start to finish.

Now that is a worthwhile investment.


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